Our Process

To get your project off the ground and into the trees, your first step is to reach out to us. After an initial telephone conversation or email correspondence, David will schedule an On-Site Consultation.

Phase 1

On-Site Consultation

If you have dreams of a treehouse, we are here to help make those dreams come true.

David will meet you at your property ready to hear all of your thoughts: design visions, space requirements, envisioned uses, desired materials, financial budgets, and scheduling.

Together you will make a site survey, walking your land and discussing potential build locations, evaluating trees, and helping to choose the best location for your treehouse. Once determined, David will visually assess the health of the chosen trees and make detailed measurements of the trees and the site. Using these measurements, along with the knowledge of your ideas and dreams, he will make conceptual sketches of your future treehouse. From these sketches you will work together to refine the overall design.

We charge a flat fee of $500 for On-Site Consultations in the Pacific Northwest.

Phase 2

Design & Budgeting

Design is an engaging part of our process. David works with you and develops complete plans for your new treehouse, detailing materials to be used and options to be included.

Our design process moves forward hand-in-hand with budgeting. At the end of Phase 2, we will provide a detailed cost estimate for the building of your treehouse. Later, this estimate will be refined and serve as our contract.

If David recommends the hiring of an arborist to evaluate your trees, this will happen at the beginning of Phase 2. The more being invested in the structure, the more important it is that your “foundation” be given the thumbs-up from a certified consulting arborist.

Based on the projected cost of your project, a 5% deposit is required at the beginning of Phase 2. This deposit will add you to our build calendar.

Phase 3

Engineering & Permitting (if needed)

Depending on the size, design, location, and budget of your treehouse, an engineer’s approval of your project may be recommended or required. This goes the same for building permits, which may include wetland or wildlife mitigation. These elements can extend the pre-build calendar significantly. As with any building project, it is best to start the planning process early.

Phase 4

Scheduling & Contract

Based on our calendar and yours, we will determine a start date for the building of your treehouse.

Once on-site, we usually complete a treehouse build in 2 to 8 weeks. We occasionally build in more than one phase. A few elements that might affect scheduling:

  • permitting
  • engineering
  • material sourcing & specialty hardware fabrications
  • season of the year
  • complexity of the design
  • site access

During Phase 4, we will agree on a contract that details the design, construction, pricing, and payment schedule for your treehouse. A build date will be set and we will ask for a down payment of 50% of the cost of the treehouse. This down payment covers the ordering & delivery of materials, initial payroll, on-site insurance, travel, and any refinements to the final design.

The remaining 45% of the cost of your treehouse is usually broken into two payments, the final being due upon completion of the build. This schedule is detailed and agreed to in the contract.

Phase 5

Build your treehouse!

This is the FUN part of the process. Our crew of craftspeople arrive on-site and begin construction. This is where the EXPERIENCE of your new treehouse really begins.

Learn about our building process.

Stretching the boundaries of what seems possible, with constant attention to safety and style, our arboreal architecture strives to present discoveries at every turn.
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