Custom-designed treehouses and platforms are built on-site by David and his Wild Tree Woodworks crew. The trees and your vision are the most influential elements. To get a conversation started, we’ve detailed our four styles of tree-based structures below. Please think of these styles as canvases where we can begin creating your treehouse. Choose the style that most closely fits your dreams and feel free to elaborate in the text box below.

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Crow's Nests & Treehouse Platforms
Treehouses & Playhouses for Kids
Family Treehouses
Treehouse Homes, Offices, & Guesthouses

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What affects treehouse pricing?

Each Wild Tree Woodworks treehouse is designed to live in its own unique environment. The trees, the site, your aesthetic, all play a role. Here are some additional elements that influence the cost of your treehouse:

  • Number of trees
  • Size requirements of treehouse
  • Height above the ground
  • Location of and access to the build site
  • Arborist evaluation
  • Quality of building materials
  • Complexity of design
  • Permitting
  • Engineering
  • Labor
  • Travel costs
Special Requests Accepted!

We are happy to collaborate on any of your treehouse endeavors. As experienced treehouse designers and builders we honor many unique circumstances.

We also love to build ground-based structures. However, our designs usually have the feel a treehouse!

And if you have architected plans, we are happy to talk about being your builder.

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