Our Process

To get your treehouse project off the ground and into the trees, your first step is to reach out to us. After an initial telephone conversation or email correspondence with David, we will schedule a Site Consultation.

Phase 1

Site Consultation

If you have dreams of a treehouse, we're here to help those dreams become reality.

David will meet with you at your property, ready to hear all of your treehouse ideas, inspirations, and questions. These may include envisioned uses, space requirements, design visions, pricing, desired materials, scheduling, or land-use.

Together you will survey your property, discussing potential build locations, evaluating trees, and helping to choose the best location for your treehouse. Once determined, David will visually assess the health of the chosen trees and make detailed measurements of the trees and the site.

Using these measurements, along with the knowledge of your ideas and dreams, David is then ready to sit down at the drawing board and begin Phase 2:  Treehouse Design.

For locations in Western Washington, we charge a flat fee of $500 for our treehouse Site Consultation.

Phase 2

Design & Budgeting

David works with you to develop complete plans for your new treehouse, detailing materials to be used and options to be included.

Upon completion of the Site Consultation, you will receive a Treehouse Design Services contract. Signing this short contract begins the design process, and then your treehouse really begins to take shape.

Our engaging design process moves forward steadily with your input. Communication is at its heart as we design exactly what you want to see in your trees. To begin the process, David will create a Conceptual Design that will serve as the reference point to refine the scope, concept, specifications, and budget. From these discussions a Preliminary Design emerges of your new treehouse, which is carefully detailed and engineered. Pricing is determined and agreed upon, and a Final Design brings all of the elements together.

Many times we recommend the hiring of an arborist to evaluate your trees and, if we do, this will happen at the beginning of Phase 2. Engineering, if necessary, will also happen during Phase 2.

Phase 3

Permitting & Engineering (if required)

Depending on your local building code, the location, size, or intended use of your treehouse may require that you obtain a building permit. If so, engineering and additional plan drawings may be necessary. Permitting may extend the pre-build calendar. As with any building project, it is best to start the planning process early.

Phase 4

Construction Contract & Build Schedule

We sign a contract and schedule a start date for the building of your treehouse.

Upon completion of the Final Design, you will receive a Treehouse Construction Contract that details the design, construction, price, schedule, and payments for your treehouse. Upon signing the contract we will ask for a deposit and, based on your schedule and ours, add you to our build calendar.

Phase 5

Build your treehouse!

Our crew of craftspeople arrive on-site and begin construction. The EXPERIENCE of your new treehouse begins here!

Learn about our building process.

Stretching the boundaries of what seems possible, with constant attention to safety and style, our arboreal architecture strives to present discoveries at every turn.

Wild Tree Woodworks LLC is fully insured to both design and build treehouses.
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