The Mystwood Treehouse

This fantastical treehouse is supported majestically by a single Douglas-fir tree. A small platform attached to a nearby maple tree offers a cable bridge for access. A phenomenal forest setting gives this treehouse a truly magical feel.

  • Handmade Dutch door
  • Cable bridge
  • Reclaimed windows
  • Live-edge siding
  • Hand-cut cedar roof shakes
  • Ships ladder

The Story

Shiraz reached out to David with the request that we build a single-tree platform on which he could build a treehouse. As the design process moved forward, driven by the complementary visions of Shiraz and David, the complexity of the evolving project convinced them both that Wild Tree Woodworks would best handle construction.

We began in earnest after a six-week shutdown due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The initial focus stayed on the main platform, as it would set the height and design for the auxiliary structures. Framing details for an octagon with canted walls and steep roof pitch were an enjoyable challenge.

Everything moved forward smoothly, with Shiraz providing nuance to the initial design.

We are enjoying the treehouse! Anyone who sees it is blown away.
- Shiraz

As the main structure took shape we began to build the entrance platform, the ships ladder, and the cable bridge. Everything came together as planned.

Having worked in the theater, Shiraz’s eye for detail and continuity added a unique flair to this build — and resulted in the treehouse being completed to his great happiness. We thoroughly enjoyed this project and the time spent with Shiraz and his family.

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