Clambake Bar

Built for entertaining a lively crowd on a summer evening, this modest tavern shines with elements of post-war Tiki style, Japanese accents, and classic Pacific Northwest details.

  • 2 refrigerators
  • 1 ice bin
  • Electricity
  • Live-edge redwood bartop
  • 2 barn doors

The Story

As Jeff tells it, after viewing David’s appearance on Treehouse Masters, he knew exactly who would build his cliffside treehouse near Seattle. Soon after the show aired, Jeff got in touch with David to talk about his vision for a treehouse tiki bar on his island property.

David met Jeff at his property and, as they talked more about the details, both began to realize that the steep slope of the land was going to create several complications. The build would require excessive engineering and special permitting. Due to the complexity and foreseeable costs, David and Jeff decided to find a alternative location for the build. - 1

They came upon the foundation of an old cabin on the property that had also been used as a chicken coop. The project evolved into a low-impact, ground-based structure using the old foundation as the platform for the deck. The tiki bar itself would sit adjacent, on Diamond Piers.

Collaborating on the Clambake Bar was the highlight of the year for me.
- Jeff T.

On a former property, Jeff had built his own tiki bar. This new one was going to be its sequel, and he had a specific vision for how he wanted to upgrade his dream. Jeff sent David photos of various outdoor bar setups and David worked with this image gallery to come up with something that fit Jeff’s vision. The product turned out even better than the two imagined.

tiki.ben - 1

The Clambake Bar, named after the Elvis movie, has a furnished open deck, a gable roof that is adorned with a hand-carved tiki that David created, and barn doors that open to reveal the bar itself. The exterior is sided with cedar shingles and the interior paneling is bamboo with split bamboo trim. The bar-top is a gorgeous redwood slab that was locally sourced and finished to perfection. Jeff designed and built the bar-back shelves as well as the bamboo on the main bar. Every piece of memorabilia was chosen specifically by Jeff, from the neon signs, to the photographs, figurines, movies, and the drink menu.

Jeff has created a magical place where he feels right at home, and now he’s entertaining friends and family just as he had imagined. Jeff and David enjoyed working together and collaborating on the project. Together they made many decisions, changes, and adjustments to the build and both are thrilled with how it turned out… with Jeff behind the bar, making Mai Tais.


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