The Hidden Treehouse

Big, beautiful trees cradle this lovely kids’ treehouse. Found in a cozy, in-city backyard this playhouse for children hits all the marks.

  • Reclaimed windows
  • Ships ladder
  • Swing
  • Covered porch
  • Metal roof

The Story

Sarah reached out to David hoping to build a treehouse for her two kids, ages 4 and 7. David met with them at their property and was pleased to discover a small grove of large, healthy trees in the perfect arrangement for a treehouse. The clients described to David what they hoped to build: they wanted a small structure for the kids to play and a swing that would hang under the treehouse.

David took notes describing all their wishes and went home to design the structure. David took into consideration the client’s small yard as well as neighboring houses and worked to design something both appealing to the eye while also including the details the family hoped for. Unfortunately, the cost for the original design was slightly over the family’s budget, so Sarah and David worked to re-design the treehouse and come up with something that fit both the budget as well as the vision. Thankfully, they arrived at a design everyone was happy with.

The crew for this project was unique. Our carpenter Johannas and his dad, Peter, were the main builders for this job. Peter is also an experienced builder and the father/son pair enjoyed working on this project together. The build took about three weeks, during which the kids would regularly check on the progress.

Kids cannot stay out of the tree house. They love it!
- Sarah M.

One challenge with this build was the snow storm that hit Seattle in February 2019. The crew was snowed out for a few days, extending the time frame of the build. Nevertheless, they completed the project much to the joy of the family.

Reflecting on the final product, David commented that the treehouse is so small compared to the enormity of the trees that it looks like it is tucked into the forest — a natural “hide & seek” experience. It looks different from every angle. David and his crew were pleased with the project, happy that the family is able to enjoy their treehouse as they had dreamed it.

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