Townsend’s Playhouse

Working with our clients to design a playful structure that reflected lines of the main home, we built a split-level abode that can be used as a summertime guest cottage, writing studio, or kids’ playhouse.

  • Reclaimed windows & doors
  • 1 view deck
  • Metal roof
  • Split-level design

The Story

David received a phone call from Cindy regarding a treehouse for her nine-year-old daughter, Townsend. Cindy had been on the hunt for a builder, and Jake Jacob, of The Treehouse Guys, referred her to David.

Together, they surveyed the property and found a beautiful Magnolia tree that lived in the terraced landscaping of the back yard. The family wanted a two-story structure with a loft, a band of horizontal windows, a deck to take in the lake view, and they hoped the exterior design of the structure would reflect the color and details of the main house.

townsend.process - 9

Townsend was given the job of General Contractor and the freedom to help design the project with David, giving her thumbs-up as the project progressed. Townsend’s hope was to move into her little house and live there with her pet rabbit.

It was decided that the Magnolia tree would be happiest if the structure was build next to it rather than in it. And as David and his crew set out to build, the terraced landscape inspired a split-level design rather than two stories. The little house delighted the General Contractor as it came to life in the backyard.

Thank you for all of your attention and detail to the playhouse. It’s a perfect addition!
- Cindy G.

Log rounds beneath the Magnolia tree invite visitors to a tiny door that opens into a world of possibility. Two ladders lead to the upper deck of the little house. Reclaimed windows open up to the fresh air of the garden. The structure was designed with room to grow:  it can easily be insulated and turned into a rentable space, an over-night guest room with modest furniture and a bed. But for now, it is a place for Townsend to play and to dream.


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