Vine Maple Place Treehouse

The non-profit Vine Maple Place received hundreds of donations to build a new facility that offers counseling, education, support, and services to assist families facing homelessness. As part of the new facility, which includes a daycare for kids whose parents are receiving services, a treehouse was envisioned.


  • Suspension bridge
  • Multiple platforms
  • Staircase entrance
  • Bench seats

The Story

David met with Vine Maple Place executive director Michelle Frets and they sketched out a treehouse built for kids. The design would safely encourage play and exploration, and include two platforms, a suspension bridge, and a small treehouse.


The build went smoothly, construction happening side-by-side with the main facility. The crew enjoyed the build and took extra care to ensure the safety of each element. Everything came together as planned for the new facility’s grand opening.


This is going to give the kids all kinds of new and different experiences needed to foster healing. They will dream, imagine and play in new ways because of the magical treehouse.
- Michelle F.

This treehouse has proven to be a fabulous environment for kids — over 400 each year! Their excitement upon seeing it is palpable. And as part of a larger vision to care for families in need, the Vine Maple Place treehouse helps these children feel excited and hopeful about the future.

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